The Largest Selection of Couplings in Texas

At Bohls Equipment we have a wide variety of couplings available for all your industrial needs. Our selection includes the following:
Quadra-Flex Coupling

QUADRA-FLEX® couplings come in a variety of styles and designs to meet specific customer needs. These include flanges and sleeves of various types and materials. The total product line includes 13 sizes varying in torque ratings up to 72,000 in-lbs.
Jaw Coupling
  • No Lubrication
  • Easy Installation
  • No Metal-to-Metal Contact
  • Resistant to Oil, Dirt, Sand, Moisture, Grease
  • Easy Inspection of Load Carrying Spider
  • Flexibility of Angular or Parallel Misalignment of Shafts by Buna-N Spider Member Permits Smooth “Power Transmission”
Martin Flex

Martin Flex® flexible couplings smoothly transmit power while compensating for shaft misalignment to 4°, parallel misalignment to 1/8″ and end float to 5/16″. The two-piece flange design provides quick and easy installation and the elastomeric element absorbs shock and torsional vibration through a wide temperature range.
  • Martin
Chain Coupling

Chain couplings transmit torque through two hubs with hardened sprocket teeth and a double width roller chain.

  • Martin
Steelflex Coupling

The industry standard for demanding applications
Falk Steelflex® couplings are specified in many of the most demanding applications in the world. They are exposed to the dust within cement and coal handling facilities, and the extreme temperatures of desert and arctic mines all while operating under demanding torque conditions.
The high-impact loads placed on conveyors, shredders, and mixers will push the limits on any coupling. The vibratory loads on high-speed applications such as pumps or compressors can cause some couplings to break down. Falk Steelflex couplings can reduce the impact of these loads on your equipment by up to 30 percent. To become the standard in these industries, you need to be tough.

  • Falk

Wrapflex Coupling


No Maintenance Needed
  • Non-lubricated design of the tough, flexible polyurethane element reduces periodic maintenance costs.
Protects Equipment
  • Patent applied for design of the flexible element minimizes effects of misalignment for improved performance and life.
  • Hub teeth machined with special nose radius (patent applied for) for better tooth-to-tooth contact.

Tough, Long-Lasting
  • Polyurethane element has excellent wear and chemical resistance and an operating temperature of -40° C (-40° F) to 95° C (200° F).
  • Hubs made from carbon steel for maximum strength.
  • Weather-resistant, high-grade nylon cover is standard.
  • Optional carbon steel covers with black epoxy coating for highly corrosive, severe-duty applications. (Standard for sizes 60-80.)
Safety First
  • Two stainless steel button-head cap screws, positioned 180° apart, prevent relative motion between cover and element and provide a positive means of retaining the cover to the element.
  • Flexible element is retained after failure, helping minimize the potential for damage or personal injury.
Quick and Easy Retrofits
  • Compact design eliminates the need for coupling guard redesign on existing applications.
  • Stock finished bores in popular sizes and taper bores, which accept Q.D. and TaperLock bushings, are available from our worldwide distribution network for off-the-shelf availability.
  • Falk
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