Speed Reducers


  • Shaft Mount
  • Worm Gear
  • Helical Bevel

Gear Drives


Gear drives reduce the output speed and increase the torque from an electronic motor or engine to the level required to drive a particular piece of equipment.

Rexnord gear drives feature rugged designs to meet every operating challenge, and they're site-proven in the world's most demanding applications. Tens of thousands of different gear box configurations are at work right now managing power and speed in operations all over the world. Our gear drives are application engineered to minimize stress and wear and to extend service life. These drives deliver steady, trouble-free operation, day after day. They're also specially designed and constructed to offer you maximum application flexibility, so you can rely on Falk™ and Rexnord drives to deliver picture-perfect performance right from the start.

  • Falk
  • Hub City
  • Baldor

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